Why choose InCapital Advisers

We are singularly dedicated to solving client money problems, whether you have none, some or much and we also invest that money. This is not just a company story but rather a commitment, a guarantee of service performance. We live by our creed, that drives us to deliver best investment and risk management advice.

Our commitment

1. Understanding

We understand and listen to your needs, we understand them inside and out, so that we may find the best market solutions for your risks. We learn what truly defines success and failure for you. We also understand investment markets and the opportunities.

2. Solutions

Following robust analysis of your needs, objectives and financial position, we customise a solution. We do not subscribe to the "one size fits" fits all. We bring science to the art of investment. We strongly believe that selecting an appropriate investment is a by product of the solution process.

At the end of this process we use geographical breadth to deliver the best solution for every situation. Our goal: to make investors money.

3. Professionals

Our experienced professionals have maximum technical and life skills. They are experts and their specialist knowledge is exclusively available to you. Service is about relationships and we provide our clients with expert financial advice to deliver a superior service.

4. Service

  • We do not pay lip service.
  • We relentlessly strive to deliver quality and customer satisfaction.
  • We respond to questions quickly.
  • We place trades instantaneously.
  • We make hard decisions in tough markets.
  • We simply perform the best way we know. It's our guarantee.

5. Integrity

Integrity is our foremost virtue. It is integral to everything we do, every communication and every solution. Integrity and trust, we believe, is the essence of all successful relationships and we are singularly dedicated to preserving our integrity above all other things.

We offer a flexible fee structure including a fee-for-service alternative to charging of commissions.