Corporate Advisory

InCapital offers a range of corporate advisory services including Initial Public Offerings (IPO) and secondary raising for private and public companies.

Venture Capital

Business-Success-Graph-400InCapital will provide corporate advisory services to "start up" companies sourcing investors to provide venture capital.

InCapital's Role

In most cases we are engaged as corporate advisers normally to undertake the role of raising capital.

Subject to the transaction and client needs, we also assist in;

Strategic Advice

  • Consider tax and appropriate equity and debt strategies
  • Advise on pricing and funding needs
  • Negotiate key strategic outcomes
  • Assist with documentation
  • Analyse opportunities

Project Management

  • Due diligence
  • Liaise with other professional advisers and management
  • Manage investor interest

Fund raising

  • Preparation of term sheets
  • Preparation of information memorandum
  • Valuations

After Market

  • Investment-Mangification-300Investor relations

Corporate Experience

Our board/management team demonstrates competence and experience across industries, including:

  • Biotechnology
  • Tourism
  • Banking / Investment
  • Mining
  • Health Care
  • Pay Television
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Biomedical
  • Agriculture
  • Retail/Wholesale
  • Import/Export
  • Innovation
  • Forestry
  • Energy / Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Property Development
  • Information Technology
  • Government
  • Automotive