Stock-Prices-400InCapital provides advisory and dealing services in securities, shares and derivatives. Apart from offering buy or sell recommendations for a particular financial product, InCapital also provides dealing services in numerous financial products pursuant to an individual agreement. Each agreement will either provide the adviser with a mandate to either:

  • invest in particular financial products within an investment program with identified strategy or objectives; or
  • invest in a broad mandate where investment decisions are made independently of you

We provide the option for either execution-only dealing or a professionally managed portfolio.

We can build a portfolio to suit your needs plus have the choice of professional management in all or part of your portfolio.

Personalised Share Portfolios

You can invest in a portfolio of direct shares that you own, and we manage, giving you better control. These shares are customised for you to suit your investment needs.

Professionally Managed Share Portfolio

A professional managed share portfolio offers more choice of investments. Apart from transparency, portability, and increased flexibility, the defining feature of a professionally managed share portfolio provides your adviser with the authority to buy and sell securities either absolutely or subject to certain restrictions.