InCapital's Planning Process


The planning process that we apply when dealing with clients can be broken down into six basic steps:

1. Preparation

  • Arrange a time for the first interview with the client
  • Prepare for the interview

2. Fact Finding session

  • Meet the client and conduct a fact find interview and collect all data
  • Ensure that the data collected is accurate and comprehensive

3. Data Analysis and Develop Recommendations

  • Based on the data collected, identify all the issues relevant to the client's situation
  • Assess and analyse each issue
  • Formulate strategies to achieve the client's present needs
  • Review all available options in order to attain the client's future goals

4. Prepare a written Recommendation


  • Describe the client's current financial position
  • Provide an analysis of the client's needs and goals
  • Provide the product recommendations to achieve the clients stated needs and goals
  • Provide the client with details on future reviews and ongoing monitoring

5. Client presentation and Implementation

  • Prepare to present our written recommendations
  • Confirm the presentation interview with the client
  • Formally present our written recommendations
  • Discuss issues and queries
  • Gain client consent
  • Begin lodging paperwork and obtaining all necessary client signatures and approvals.

6. Review

  • Arrange a client review date
  • Prepare for the client review interview
  • Conduct the client review interview
  • Discuss any issues and make any modifications as required