InCapital clients have access to the following services:

Share Portfolios - Personalised and/or Professionally Managed

You can invest in a portfolio of direct shares that you own, and we manage, giving you better control. These shares are customised for you to suit your investment needs.

Financial Planning

Through a developed appreciation and understanding of client's individual needs, we can create a step-by-step plan to assist in the realisation of short and long-term objectives. Our staff are highly trained and skilled in the instigation and implementation of a diverse range of financial strategies.

Risk Management and Insurance

Protecting clients' wealth and assets in an essential part of any successful financial plan. We can assess client needs and recommend products, policies and strategies to suit individual needs and budget. Continuous monitoring of insurance and risk management requirements ensures that our clients are always appropriately protected, at every stage of their life.

Superannuation and Retirement Planning

A comprehensive retirement and superannuation strategy must be employed to guarantee the high standard of living that we all deserve in our later years. InCapital's team is well-qualified to formulate the most suitable application to maximise immediate and long-term financial and lifestyle benefits. Wealth creation is the cornerstone of financial planning.

Estate and Business Succession Planning

Employing InCapital to structure personal and/or business affairs will ensure those clients and their beneficiaries' profit from every opportunity that prevails. Protection and proliferation of assets and wealth-now and in the future- is foremost in any estate or business succession strategy we devise.